100% original new Digital Humidity Sensor Temperature Sensor SHT75

100% original new Digital Humidity Sensor Temperature Sensor SHT75
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Package include

1* AM6 sensor


  • battery not include in the package
  • No CO2 sensor include in the device, ONLY AM7plus with CO2 sensor

Data download link



1. Please put the device on the desk while using it, make it straight against the table will help getting the correct readings. If you want use it when walking outside or moving, please do not cover the right side of the device, it will influence the sensor of tem-perature and Formaldehyde(HCHO).

2. Do not use it on the bed.

3. When using this detector for the first time, please wait for 1 hour for data self-adjusting. It still needs 5 more minutes to finish the adjusting process to make sure the the correct readings after several times using.

4. If there is need to get the Formaldehyde(HCHO) readings, please shut down the tested venue\'s windows and doors for at least 12 hours.(International standard)

5. The yellow LED beneath the screen shows battery capacity, while flashing 4 times means the battery is fully charged. The none battery version also has a LED light, it will be lit as long as the device connected to the power source.

6. Do not use this device under severe contaminated environment. It will cause the sensor overload, and may leave damage to the sensor permanently.

7. The dusty surroundings will jeopardize the laser sensor. the result of PM reading could be lower than the real data.

8. Please do not short circuit the battery, do not put the device under hight temperature circumstance or any other environment that can leave damage to this electronic device.

9. Stay away from silicon steam, shampoo or other chemical reagents.

For the first time using this detector, the package would have peculiar smell, and that can influence the readings of the device, please keep it turned on and leave this device for 1 hour then reset the data. that will assure the device stays in a perfect condition.




After receiving the data, air master 2 will assess the result, and give the judgement (Excessive)or(normal). Air master 2 is using national standard GB-T 18883-2002 and American standard to evaluate the detecting results. 

American embassy: http://www.stateair.net/web/post/1/1.html



● Correct Procedure of Operating Device


Tear off the package  get the device out.

Checking the components: Is there any broken or falling part, if some components are not steady, try to reinsert or press hard to make it stick on the board.

Connected to Power source: None battery version should connect the USB cable first.

Turn on the device: Toggle the black switch on the left side, and turn on the device.



Welcome Interface: At the welcome interface, users can switch the operating language by pressing button 2, after hearing the beeping sound, the language will be switched to Chinese or English.

Interface 1: Interface 1 is main display of this device, it shows 7 major environment element values. the numbers will be refreshed every 2-3 seconds, the speed is 1 time faster than last generation of Air Master.


Interface 2: While at the Interface 1, Pressing down button 1 on the right side will switch to interface 2. In this display, it contains each sensor\'s data, The area above is particular matters counter, the area below is history data of PM2.5. Hold button 2 on the right side will active the duration time selection, the time line will change into green. After activate the time setting, keep pressing button 2, it will offer different time durations selection, the minimum is 32 minutes and the maximum will be 24 hours, and the diagram will be erased while holding the button 2.

Function of each button:

1. side button 1: Switch page

2. side button 2: In interface 2, hold (3 seconds) to clear the history data, press to change the diagram duration time.

3. side button 3: In interface 1, hold (3 seconds)to open or close MicroSD(TF) card data recording function.

4. side button 4: Hold (2 seconds)to change the brightness of the display screen.

5. side button 1+2: In interface 1, hold (2 seconds) both button 1 and 2 to readjust the sensor (this action must be taken when the device turned on at least 20 minutes in outdoor environment).

● Other Operating Problems

When should I reset the sensor?

After turning on and using the device for 1 day, Place it in outdoor environment for 20 minutes to observe the data on the display.

After unboxing the device and turned it on, if the data of VOC is over 0.00, or HCHO reading is over 0.00, or the CO2 reading is over 500ppm, the reset operation must be taken under any one of these scenario list above.(the process of reseting device is listed under this section)

The purpose of reset data is to ensure this device access the outdoor air and using this data as reference to evaluate the contaminate data. So it must be taken into outdoor environment and placed it for at least 20 minutes.

For your intention, the carbon dioxide value in outdoor environment will be around 400ppm, the reset process introduced above is to redirect the value of CO2 to 400ppm.

How to reset the reading data

Reset by manual: Turn the device on and put it under outdoor environment to run about 20 minutes. In interface 1, Hold button 1 and 2 on the right side for about 2 seconds, release the button at same time. After hearing the beeping sound, the reading on display will change into green color. And the device sensor is successfully reseted.

If the CO2 sensor is made by Sweden SenseAir(1180 yuan version), the reset procedure will have one more step to do. Form front view of the device, there is a silver cube sensor at the top-right back side, A button will be easily found on the sensor, keep holding it for 7 seconds, and the reading of CO2 will be set to 400ppm. This sensor does not need adjust normally, except for some special situ-ations.


Why the reading of Formaldehyde(HCHO) always be 0?

1. Check the HCHO sensor: Inside the device there is a white plastic component looks like a flower. That is HCHO sensor, check whether this part is fall from the board or connect to the board. If it is working normally, an orange LED light will be seen.

2. The reset operation occurred something wrong, for instance, user do not reset the device by following the process list above, and the device mistakenly take the contaminate indoor environment as the reference data, and set the wrong HCHO reading standard. In this case, reset the device outdoor and followed the steps list above will solve the problem.

3. Testing the HCHO sensor whether working properly, use a cigarette or open a bottle of liquor , keep half meter away from the sen-sor. If the readings of HCHO increased, means the sensor is in a good condition. Otherwise, the component should be replaced to get the correct data.


How to change system time?

Users can connect the device by using serial port, connect it with computer by USB cable, and install CP2012 driver on the computer. and use the OpenJumperSerial Assistant 1.3.1 to transfer time adjusting command on the computer.(you can find the software and drives in attachments). the sending message is demonstrated in the screenshot below. after clicking the send button, the data in TF card will be updated and the time will be changed, too.


How to record the data?

First need to purchase a new TF card and format it into FAT32, the device support maximum 32GB extension, here we recommend 8GB microSD card.

The data will be recorded every 4 seconds. that include 7 major environment elements values, date and time. It will produce about 1MB data everyday. Using card reader to connect the TF card to computer and the data can be edited in Excel.








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