800Rpm 380VAC/DC 25.4mm Through Hole Slip Ring Connector Capsule Conductors Slip Ring 6 12 Channels 10A Hollow Shaft Slip Ring

800Rpm 380VAC/DC 25.4mm Through Hole Slip Ring Connector Capsule Conductors Slip Ring 6 12 Channels 10A Hollow Shaft Slip Ring
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The P-300W Hyacinth is popular wind turbine in home yard, boats, advertising signs, telecommunications tower, etc. Thousands have been sold and are in use worldwide. People have the particular inclination for it’s clean, aerodynamic lines and its quiet and continuous operation. Without any doubt P-300W Hyacinth accumulates more energy than any other comparable wind generator available.
Advantages of 6-blade wind turbines over other wind turbines:
1) 6-blade wind turbines will greatly improve annual energy production in low wind conditions. If you compare annual energy output to conventional other wind turbine, there is an increase of annual energy output.
2) 6-blade wind turbines will dramatically improve the reliability and safety of wind turbine. The blade rotation speed of a 6-blade turbine is fast than the rotational speed of other wind turbine. 6-blade wind turbines will greatly reduce chance of overspeed control malfunction. This will ensure operational reliability from a long term perspective.
3) The lower blade rotation speed of 6-blade wind turbine will lower wind turbine noise and make 6-blade wind turbines more community friendly than other wind turbines.
Designed with both reliability and performance in mind, Hyacinth Wind Turbines have unique design, high reliability and consistent performance.
A wind turbine is a long term investment. Before you purchase a wind turbine, the first factor to consider is if the energy produced by a wind turbine can pay for itself in 10 years or less. In order to achieve this, the wind turbine must be a high quality, reliable, maintenance free wind turbine with excellent performance.
The second factor to consider is installation and ownership cost. Poor reliability, low quality and high maintenance will greatly increase ownership cost and make the wind turbine impossible to pay for itself.
The third factor is environment and safety. A wind turbine should be safe for high winds, quiet and have no vibrations to make it residential/home friendly.

  • Model: P-300W
  • Name:Hyacinth
  • Rated power: 300W
  • Rated AC voltage 12V
  • Rated current: 25A / 12.5A
  • Rated speed: 900r/m
  • Max power: 350W
  • Number of blade: 6 pcs
  • Cut-in wind speed:4m/s
  • Cut-out wind speed: 15m/s
  • Security wind speed: 40m/s
  • Rated wind speed: 12.5m/s
  • Engine (generator):Three-phase permanent magnel generator
  • Rotor diameter: 44.88"
  • Blade material:Carbon fiber reinforced plastics
  • Output line anti-winding device:Overall three-phase commutator
  • Over-speed wind protection:Tip stall protection + turned protection + Electromagnetic brake
  • Life span: 15 years
  • Equipment surface protection: Aluminum oxide + plastic coating
  • Working temperature: -49℉-158℉
  • N.W.: 11.3lb
  • G.W.: 14.33lb
  • packing dimension: 25.6" * 15.74" * 12.6"
  • Wind turbine
  • 6 pcs of blades and 1 empennaggp14gp15
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